George B. Stone rope drum restoration complete!

For those of you following along with the George B. Stone rope tension drum restoration, here’s how it turned out!


I added brass inlay in the hoops at each point where the rope hooks are placed: they’re not visible when the drum is assembled, but having markings for where the hooks belong makes it much easier to re-assemble the drum after switching heads or what-have-you. As you start tensioning the drum, even if you’ve measured and placed the rope hooks evenly, they keep moving around – marked hoops make it easier to place the rope hooks and to keep them evenly spaced as you tension.
And if the hoops are to be marked, why not make it beautiful?


And here are all the pieces, ready to go. We buffed up and treated all the leather and shined the hardware, and gave it new rope. Good as new! Here you can really see how having those inlay points will make the next step in the process so much easier.

Bill Whitney