The Roseland Kit is here!

Presenting the second offering in our line of Boston club kits, The Roseland.  Named in honor of the Roseland State Ballroom that once stood on Mass Ave, this four piece kit is built with jazz and funk players in mind.

The 16″x18″ kick, 7″x10″ tom and 12″x14″ floor tom are all 8-ply maple with a high-gloss lacquer finish and classic double-ended beavertail lugs.  The toms feature 12-ply maple “hide-a-head” hoops.  The snare is 4″x14″ with a 6-ply curly maple/poplar/maple shell construction and is inspired by the classic Gretsch Max Roach signature snare.

This kit can be customized in any color you would like at no additional cost. $2000+shipping for the 4-piece kit/$1600+shipping for the kick and toms without the snare. As always, further customizations are available upon request; just drop us a line for a price quote.

Bill Whitney