Repairs, Restorations, & Modifications

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Not all damage can be repaired, but we’re happy to look at anything you’ve got that needs to be fixed.

Broken rims

Broken hardware

Cracked shells

Finish repairs

Is your damage worse than that? Let us take a look.



We take special pride in restoring antique drums.

You can find amazing drums at flea markets - often for great prices. They might be in rough shape, but we can take care of that.

If you’ve got a flea market find or a family heirloom that needs some work, let us take a look.



We’ll modify your drum to make it exactly what you’re looking for.

Bearing edges

Toms: $60 per drum

Concert toms: $40 per drum

Bass drums up to 30”: $80 per drum

Snares: $80 per drum


Depending on hardware placement and finish, the amount of labor required to cut down a drum can vary, but generally speaking, snares and toms cut-downs typically run between $100-$200, bass drums typically are between $200-$300.


Lacquered drums: It’s often cheaper to just make a new set of shells than to refinish a lacquered set, however, if you’ve got a set with sentimental value and you want to re-lacquer, contact us for pricing. We’ll take good care of it!

Re-wrapping drums is much more practical.

Snares and toms - $60 plus the cost of materials

Floor toms - $90 plus the cost of materials

Bass drums - $150 plus the cost of materials

Contact us for pricing on new hardware and heads.