Drums in Stock Now

We’ve got beautiful drums in stock, but don’t let your creativity end there - if you can dream it, we can build it. Check out the custom gallery below, and let it inspire you to find your own ideas. If you know what you want, or if you have an idea and need some help developing it, just contact us and we’ll help you make it real.

Concert Percussion

Drums ranging from symphony standards to hybrids to obscure instruments for specific works, such as the famous “Mahler Box” for Mahler’s 6th. Plus, chime racks, bass racks, and more.

Rope Tension Drums

For re-enactment and Fife & Drum, but also for concert performances and drum corps - we make both strict historical reproductions and anachronistic rope tension instruments with modern features.

Drum Kits and custom snares

Full kits, club kits, rope tension kits, snares and other kit parts to make you sound your best and look fantastic.

Here are some of our custom creations to inspire you.
Tell us how we can help you find your perfect sound!